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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Cottage Pictures and struggles with programming code

Yesterday I spent the entire day trying to learning codes - css and html - and both looking for templates that I like and can work off, and trying to alter certain templates. I actually am loving it and it's so fun and interesting, but can also be really frustrating sometimes. For example, on my current template here, for some reason it never wants to let me put padding between my photos and the borders. And also, as I put borders on the pictures in this post, some of them are coming out the intended dark grey/black, but some of the borders insist on being blue for absolutely no reason at all. What the fuck? And also, (although I'm thinking this is Blogger's fault), because I centered the captions under my pictures, whatever I try to write after all the pictures is also centered and when I try to left justify it, all the captions follow suit. Again, what the MFing fuck??? [Edit: apparently the pictures that have blue borders here in my edit mode don't have any borders on them when they are actually posted. I have no idea why???]

Anyway though, here are some pictures that I never posted but had always intended on posting, from when I was at my parents' cottage a few weekends ago. I'll write another post later this evening and not include any pictures with captions so I hopefully won't have to deal with any layout issues!!

I love this picture of a dragonfly! I saw it sitting almost right in front of me when I was taking pictures of the lake, and it posed quite nicely for me and didn't move. This picture is cropped a bit as I didn't actually get quite this close!

This fuzzy little moth was sitting just a little outside our front door, sleeping on the side of the cottage. He was so incredibly cute! He reminds me of a little Ewok (however you spell it)!

Here's a closeup - he's so furry! And his little furry arms and furry antenna are so cute! And I especially thought it was funny that he has a tiny bit of poopy butt, from the looks of it!! :)

Some beautiful Black-Eyed-Susans that my mom planted.

Another photo of one of my mom's pretty flowers.

My little artistic black and white :)

I saw this abandoned mailbox when my parents and I were out for a walk.

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