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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Starting out

Wednesday, January 25


3 cups coffee

2 packets instant Kashi Go Lean

3 peanut m&m's

Starbuck's grande cafe latte

Exercise: None

To bed last night around 1 a.m. - after doing one load of laundry. Fell asleep on couch for a bit around 9 p.m. Feeling a little tired but good. This afternoon I've been having feelings of not belonging, and am nervous about the party in a bit. And jealous cause A was getting all this teasing by JM, PQ and others, and PQ pointed out her cute polka-dot shoes. So I was feeling hot before, all in black and all, but not so much now. Cause also A looks really good today - the teal and pink colors look so good with her skin and she has blush and teal eyeshadow on and it sounds bad but looks cute. I'm going to go to the party late, at 6, because I'm just feeling uncomfortable and nervous about talking to people, and nervous that they won't talk to me much. This way I'll get to hang out a little and D and L will come, and at least I can be around people who like me and like to laugh. Tonight I need to clean my kitchen - it's gross. And take out the trash. And straighten my family room and ideally vacuum, but I've been so so so tired the last two nights. I did turn my heat down though, cause that might be partly why.

To do list: transfer stuff to new planner, clean kitchen and bathroom and family room, vacuum, set up Nobby, email Heather, work on pictures for Damon, finish AIW opinion, write first chapter, and get back into practicing guitar - because I want to be able to play, and also it's a fun connection that I have with JM. Tomorrow I need to bring a towel and different shirt for my workout with Greg.

Tuesday, January 24


3 cups coffee

1 packet instant oatmeal

1 cup chocolate frozen yogurt after workout

2 cups granola

Lots of pretzels


25 minutes walking on treadmill; zero incline, up to 4.2 mph

Met with Greg, got measurements all taken. Body Fat Percentage: 27.6%. Weight: 144.4 lbs. From what I can remember, measurements were: chest - 41, waist - 33, hips - 39, bicept - 11, girth (shoulders) - 24. I can't remember the others. I need to recheck myself tonight.

I ate terrible yesterday and last night after eating all the pretzels felt terrible. Had it really hot in my place cause I was cold so fell asleep on my couch a little after 9, woke up around 9:45 and did a load of laundry, wrote the blog and wrote some emails. To bed at 1 a.m.

Monday, January 23


Coffee in morning

1 packet instant kashi go lean after working out, plus a chocolate valentine's day heart

2 cups granola

1 package lipton noodles (had to get rid of them)

rest of chocolate chips (about 1/2 cup)

Exercise: Easy bike for 30 minutes, treadmill walking slow at incline for 20 minutes

Fell asleep at 9:45 Monday night, woke up on couch at 4:45 a.m. from James, moved to bed, finally got up at 7:30. Sooooo tired.

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